When can I expect my order?

For delivery in New Zealand please allow at least 7 - 10 days

For international delivery, please allow at least 15 - 20 days.

- I want to make sure everything is perfect before sending your package!

Pricing & Shipping Cost
All artwork is in New Zealand Dollars - shipping & postage costs will be detailed upon purchasing items from the shopping cart.

Canvas Art

- The Canvas thickness/width varies, these are detailed within each  product's info section, but please contact if you require further information.

- Canvases are painted with acrylic paint and finished with gloss.

Do you do custom paintings?

Yes, contact me on spiritchichi@gmail.com or click this message for further information

Care Instructions

- Keep your canvas out of direct sunlight to prevent any potential fading.

- To clean your artwork, lightly dust with a soft and dry cloth - DO NOT USE WATER OR ANY PRODUCT!

- Avoid leaning any sharp or heavy objects against the canvas as this will easily dent the canvas or scratch the painting even with glossing.
- If your artwork becomes damaged or scratched over some time, feel free to contact me for repairs!


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